For many we are entering into a second, third, maybe even fourth, week of remote working. The novelty is likely to have worn off, people may be losing focus or energy. Whilst the situation we are in is unprecedented, it is now more than ever that strong leadership is p...

Working remotely is fast becoming a reality for a lot of us. An important part of making this successful for businesses and employees is overcoming the obstacle of communication changes. Below, we have some suggested tips to get the most out of teleconference calls and...

As the situation with COVID-19 escalates around the country and overseas, there is naturally an increase in the level of worry and concern people are experiencing.

We have pulled together some information to help manage these feelings of worry or unease, and ideally pr...

We are living in unprecedented times - organisations are facing resourcing and logistical challenges that are unheralded. With this comes a sense of confusion and some concern on how do I best lead my teams through this period of instability and unrest?

At ICP we have...

How do we define and measure Organisational Culture? 

A Question for Managers and Leaders

Ever been stumped with that all too confusing topic of ‘fit to culture’? This issue is something that all managers and leaders grapple with on a regular basis. It is also someth...

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About the Authors

Matt Dale is a qualified, registered and practicing Psychologist. He has worked in private practice and human capital firms for over two decades. Matt also currently works with Queensland Treasury Corporation on its people programs and executive leadership development.

Rachel Tyson is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. Rachel has been working as a Psychologist for over 20 years in a variety of public and private sector hospital, community and educational settings in Brisbane, Sydney, Cambridge and Canberra.

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