Think back through your career – have you ever been asked to complete a test or questionnaire? Perhaps you encountered such exercises in a recruitment process, or maybe even in an existing role for development purposes? In the current climate, few people will manage to...

Screen time – How much is too much? How exactly do we know?

The constant use of technology and the internet has quickly become normalized in our society – young children are often glued to their tablets, watching cartoons or playing games; teenagers are fixated on their...

When I reflect on the critical times in my career, I really wish I had stopped and been more deliberate about developing important leadership capabilities.  If I could teleport myself back in time and have a conversation with the ‘me’ who had just become a leader, I wo...

The effects of bullying in the workplace can be entirely devastating for individuals, their families and colleagues.  The cost on mental health and well-being can far outweigh the cost in productivity and claims. No longer can organisations turn a blind eye to dysfunct...

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About the Authors

Matt Dale is a qualified, registered and practicing Psychologist. He has worked in private practice and human capital firms for over two decades. Matt also currently works with Queensland Treasury Corporation on its people programs and executive leadership development.

Rachel Tyson is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. Rachel has been working as a Psychologist for over 20 years in a variety of public and private sector hospital, community and educational settings in Brisbane, Sydney, Cambridge and Canberra.

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