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Talking to Kids about Bushfires

The tragedy unfolding across Australia over the last six months has been profound and significantly covered in all forms of media.

Such coverage and events can often raise anxiety and distress for children who may feel overwhelmed and left with a feeling of helplessness and concern from the events unfolding.

It is often difficult to know how to talk about such tragic events and manage conversations in a healthy and reassuring manner.

The Australian Psychological Society has published a helpful resource which provides valuable guidance on how to speak with your children or minors about the bushfire crisis and equip parents and carers with the skills to manage these conversations in a healthy and reassuring way.

A copy of the APS article can be downloaded here.

If you would like more information about how to provide support and guidance during this time, we have also published another article on our homepage.

Please contact us if you require support.

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