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Incorporate Psychology runs a series of Workshops across topics in Counselling and Organisational Psychology.  Based on psychological theory but with an entirely practical bent, our Psychologists present to organisations either remotely or in-person across the most topical areas of psychology for individuals and organisations.



ICP Workshops are engaging, informative and based in real-world psychological theory that your team can apply in their day-to-day for
immediate effect.

ICP Workshops for Organisations

Lift to Leadership

Equip your team with the skills to lead and lift your career and team to the next level.

Stressed Man
Avoiding Burnout & Building Resilience

Identify burnout before it happens and understand skills and techniques to build resilience in challenging times.

Support Group Session
Dealing with Vicarious Trauma

Many employees are exposed to traumatic and stressful events. Equip yourself and your team.

New Hires
Building High Performing Teams

Understand what it takes to build high performance teams and get the most out of your people.

Woman with Fancy Jewelry
Imposter Syndrome

Are you lacking the confidence and self-belief to thrive in your career? 

Working With Headphones
Organisation & Productivity

Get the most out of your team and your 9-5pm with practical skills on motivation, productivity & organisation.

Talking in Headset
Effective Communication

Understand the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive communication & improve relationships.

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