The most important decisions in business rely on experience, as well as information from research. Assessment adds the objectivity and science that gives leaders more confidence when they are making the most important business decisions.


ICP Psychometric Assessment programs can be used in the recruitment process, for career development, in-role assessment, for strategic guidance and executive leadership. 


When partnering with ICP for assessment services, you will rely on our expertise to facilitate you through a complex landscape of options. You will arrive at a solution that is practical, fit for purpose and respectful of your brand and those executives or potential employees participating in the process. Assessment services can take several forms, depending on your requirement.


Our Assessment Solutions include:

  • Psychometric assessment in the recruitment process 

  • Comprehensive leadership assessment using psych assessment, simulations and an interview for:

    • Leader of leaders

    • Front-line leader

    • Future leader (high potential candidates)

    • Sales leader

    • Call centre leader

  • In-role assessment / assessment for development

  • Strategic guidance and directional recommendation for assessment in an organisation

  • Assessment platform design for when your recruitment team can deliver the assessment.


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ICP Assessment gives you the confidence you are hiring and working with the right people.

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