ICP has over forty year's combined experience in coaching senior executives, business leaders and managers to assist them in being more effective people managers and growing their capacity to influence and lead, and in turn drive their business objectives. We have worked with CEOs, managing directors, senior leadership teams and middle managers from some of Australia's leading corporations as well as local businesses. 


The ICP coaching methodology draws upon some of the core fields of contemporary psychology. It is practical, goal-directed and based in the ‘here & now’ for the person at the centre of the coaching program. The approach has five phases and recognises that how people think can really affect how they feel. Feelings in turn can influence the decisions and actions they take. Sometimes fundamental beliefs about ourselves need to be understood in order to set the right goals, leverage strengths and close gaps that need to be bridged.


We bring together elements of the most researched and well founded arenas of psychology with contemporary professional coaching. The result means that people who may find themselves time limited, can adopt a program that uses the research and the best models, whilst staying very practical. The coaching can be applied to situations where someone has been identified as high potential, someone might be dealing with some development gaps, or perhaps an executive needs the forum to brainstorm and problem-solve. Typical programs involve between eight and twelve sessions, and are undertaken over approximately 16 weeks.

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Incorporate psychology into your career to better leverage your strengths and close career gaps that need to be bridged.

Women In Leadership Coaching Program

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