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What is an EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counselling service offered by employers to their employees to support their well-being in the workplace and in their personal lives. Depending on the employer’s arrangement with ICP, EAP may also extend to immediate family members.

At ICP, we offer professional and confidential support and assistance to individuals and groups of employees who have personal and/or work related issues that may impact on their well-being, work performance, safety, individual and workplace morale and psychological health. Contact us today if you would like to discuss an EAP for your organisation.

Work Issues

  • Work performance 

  • Stress and burnout

  • Co-worker relationships

  • Bullying & harassment

  • Conflict

  • Communication 

  • Career change

  • Restructures 

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Family Issues

  • Parenting support

  • Relationships

  • Separations or divorce

  • Domestic violence

  • Communication

  • Family dynamics

  • Financial or legal problems

  • Transition & change

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Personal Issues

  • Relationships

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Addictions

  • Substance abuse

  • Life transition

  • Adjust to medical diagnoses

  • Anger management

  • Grief & loss

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Trauma & Disasters

  • Dedicated support for your organisation in times of trauma or disaster. 

  • Redundancies

  • Grief & loss

  • Natural disaster

  • Pandemic Support

  • Acts of violence or crime

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Let’s Work Together

Get in touch to learn more about how your organisation can access our Employee Assistance Program.

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