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Unhelpful Thinking Styles

It's pretty easy to find yourself suddenly overtaken with thoughts that are unproductive and negative. The challenge is how do we re-frame these thoughts and take what could become a negative reaction, into a neutral or even positive one? We have eight special tips that can help you identify your own unhelpful thinking styles, and get your thoughts back on the right track. Do you find yourself doing any of these? Have a close read and think about when you have reverted to unhelpful thinking styles? Has it helped you out of your situation, or just made things worse? We challenge you to spot these styles early, and take a different path to a more constructive way of thinking. You'll be amazed how it can change not only you, but how others react to you! 1. All or Nothing Thinking - Either I do it right, or not at all...If I don't do everything, I've failed.

2. Jumping to Conclusions - 2+2=5. Mind reading and imagining what others are thinking.

3. Labelling Yourself & Others - I'm a loser..I'm useless...They are such an idiot.

4. Disqualifying the Positive - Discounting the good things that happen...That doesn't count!

5. Mental Filter - Only paying attention to certain types of evidence. Filtering out the positive.

6. Emotional Reasoning - You feel something so it must be true! I feel embarrassed = I am silly.

7. Over Generalising - Everything is always rubbish....Nothing good ever happens!

8. Magnifying & Catastrophising - Blowing things out of proportion. If some of these ring true to you, Incorporate Psychology can work with you in helping to re-frame your thoughts and change a negative thinking style into a positive one.

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